How We Are Different

We Help You With No Obligation! Most roof consultants require that a potential client hire their firm before they will fix an issue. We approach the relationship differently. Roof Management analyzes and solves an existing problem at no cost and without any obligations.* We do this for three reasons:

  • img_6626-possibleWe demonstrate good faith.
  • Our clients learn how we operate, who we are and what we are capable of.
  • We learn a potential client’s strengths and weaknesses which helps us understand how we can best help them. This allows us to provide the most effective recommendations should potential clients continue with our services and they can rest assured that we will bring them the best value.

We are interested in building long term relationships and this method helps us get off to a good start. It is low risk for clients…and for us. Please feel free to download any of the management articles or case studies found under Free Resources tab as well. To begin your free assessment, contact us today.

*Should a member of our firm need to travel in order to accurately assess a client’s roofing problem, we ask for reimbursement of their travel expenses. The actual time we spend solving the initial problem will continue to be at no cost to you. Our offer is also based on our willingness to take on the problem. We reserve the right to decline a challenge, though we have never done that.